An A-Z (almost) of Operational Services.

An A-Z (almost) of Operational Services.

Jun 4, 2021 1:18:49 PM

We are all aware of the exponential growth in the generation of data, and the seemingly endless demand for data centres to support this. The design and build of these facilities requires significant investment with large sums being spent on to ensure capacity, efficiency and resilience.  However, once the (non-existent) dust has settled and the design and delivery teams have gone, operating and managing it becomes the main focus.

The value of having the support of a specialist Critical Facilities Engineering Team that can offer a comprehensive specialist service wrapper (a veritable A to Z), that is vetted, trusted and experienced should not be underestimated, especially as 70 to 75% of downtime is caused by human error. In fact, a recent Uptime Institute survey highlighted that ‘75% of respondents said their most recent service outage could have been prevented’.  With most avoidable cases, contributing factors included not following process, having no suitable process in place, having insufficient and/or inexperienced personnel and a poor preventative maintenance strategy. As executives and regulators seek more transparency and accountability, smart organisations are reaping the benefits of being able to rely on a specialist ‘Trusted Partner’ to provide accountability, ensure the correct governance and processes are in place, the availability of suitably experienced personnel and minimise the risk of downtime and reputational risk.


This solution also avoids the day-to-day disruption to the client’s team who then does not need to supervise or facilitate access to site, leaving them free to continue business as usual activities.  It is just as relevant for the operational management of legacy facilities too and we are working with a number of clients across the UK, Europe and Middle East to deliver clear scalable and repeatable operational process with a defined governance structure, underpinned by ISO audits to facilitate independent validation and continual improvement.


We are continuously evolving our solutions and last year we introduced a new facilities maintenance service which utilises the latest machine learning/artificial intelligence technology to help organisations to transform their edge operational management strategy. KAI (Keysource Artificial Intelligence) enables companies to make data led decisions around key issues such as reducing capital expenditure and unplanned downtime or gaining greater control over their edge infrastructure.

 In conclusion, managing and maintaining any data centre facility and ensuring that is running as efficiently and effectively as possible is a specialist job.   We have over 50 service lines that we offer – it’s not exactly a list of A-Z – but you get the idea. With Keysource, clients can expect more, with a comprehensive range of services across the life of their critical assets, delivered to the highest standards, with our teams fully trained to self- deliver these services which and are supported with industry leading technology.


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John Board

Written by John Board