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DCIM - Top 10 things to consider

Sep 30, 2015 1:11:00 PM

This year Sky rolled out a new Data Centre Infrastructure Management solution (video case study here) across its UK data centre estate with Keysource leading the project. We asked the teams involved to give us a list of the top 10 things that they felt were most important for anyone considering DCIM.

  1. Business Case – Make sure the numbers stack up and that it meets any ROI requirements.
  2. Success Criteria - Be clear about which criteria will be used to judge the success of the project. With any roll out of DCIM, the success will be derived by what is achieved as a result of the data from the tool, not by deploying the tool itself. By understanding what you want to get out of the tool before you start, processes and reports can be built alongside the system to ensure you get the most out of the information it reports.
  3. Scalability - Your DCIM solution needs to match your business needs today but you will also need to build in a capability for future development and growth.
  4. Process – Don’t just consider the DCIM tool but also look at how best to plan, implement and support its integration.
  5. Purpose - Don’t just focus on energy efficiency. If that is the sole or main aim then DCIM is not for you. For Sky, with its on-going commitment to reduce carbon footprint, a key requirement was for a tool that would allow them to holistically monitor the performance of the DC Estate and help in identifying opportunities to optimise consumption whilst maximising service uptime.
  6. Stakeholders - Get internal team members on board as soon a possible as DCIM is quite a long process. Keysource ran regular workshops to get everyone on board and then carried on throughout the process to keep everyone in the loop.
  7. Commitment - Commit and keep going. There will be tough times ahead but the benefits are well worth it.
  8. SMART - Measure and report on successes and focus on continuous improvement. Let people know how well the project is going.
  9. Momentum – The project will need a clear leader and one that is committed to maintaining momentum. They will need to be tenacious, diplomatic and passionate about the project.
  10.  Partner – Choose your partner carefully. Sky realised that DCIM is a journey and wanted a long-term, trustworthy partner to accompany them throughout.

To learn more about Keysource’s DCIM solutions with expert support, visit the dedicated webpage here.

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Laurence Baker

Written by Laurence Baker

As Marketing Manager for Keysource, Laurence is responsible for our MarComms function, both in UK and internationally. Translating the business objectives into both a longer-term strategy and an annual tactical plan, Laurence manages the delivery of all our marketing activities.