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Does your technology infrastructure support productivity?

Jul 16, 2019 8:56:01 AM

The latest UK productivity statistics released by the Office of National Statistics shows that as a nation our productivity is continuing to decline year on year. A recent survey by our parent company, Extentia Group highlighted that the workplace environment is one of the key aspects hindering UK workers productivity.

The survey asked over 1,100 UK indoor workers about their working habits, including when they felt most productive and if their working environments ensured they could be as productive as possible.

The research found that whilst over half of those surveyed (53%) felt they were more productive in the morning, a quarter of them don’t go into work early. Of the 76% that do try and capitalise on this early morning productivity, nearly 60% are put off by inhospitable working environments.

The analysis of the data seems to point to towards one answer - flexible working, but what should businesses consider in order to make this a success?

Flexible working is not a new concept, and there has been a vast amount published on the benefits. In 2017 Vodafone published research which found, from 3,000 workers, 23% of respondents admitted to being “unproductive” at work. Around 71% said a flexible working policy would enable them to be more productive.

Flexible Infrastructure

It can be easy to focus on the workplace design as the answer to increasing flexibility but this shouldn't be your only consideration. We are working with a number of clients that have recognised that their IT and wider technology infrastructure is key to enabling their teams to work in the way that suits them.

This includes cutting edge AV solutions that allow colleagues to collaborate and hold impromptu meetings around the office or link screens to allow simultaneous broadcasting - creating highly flexible spaces. Secure wireless networks can also enable staff to continue working with no disruption wherever in the building they are.

By creating these spaces you can not only ensure your teams are as productive as possible but also that their working environment supports their wellbeing. This can also have added benefits including decreasing absenteeism, increasing staff retention and attracting new talent. 

Over the next few months we will be looking at some of the key challenges that were identified within the report and how your critical and technology infrastructure can help you optimise your staff productivity.

Read the full Extentia report; Overcoming the UK's productivity challenge.

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Laurence Baker

Written by Laurence Baker

As Group Marketing Manager for Extentia, Laurence is responsible for the Groups MarComms function, both in UK and internationally. Translating the business objectives into both a longer-term strategy and an annual tactical plan, Laurence manages the delivery of all our marketing activities.