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Graduate Update: 2 Months In

Oct 8, 2018 11:21:41 AM

Having joined us at the beginning of August we caught up with Garth to see how he was getting on.

I am now two months in to my year long industrial placement at Keysource having joined from the University of Bath, where I am studying towards a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Keysource represented a great opportunity as they offered a position that received broad exposure to the whole company operating in a growth industry that I had heard little about before, their placement program will also allow me to gain experience in a professional workplace and apply the technical knowledge I have learnt from my first two years in a practical environment.

My first two weeks were a steep learning curve, most of my time was taken up by online courses and learning, as well as visiting a data centre in my first week. I learnt about the different kinds of critical environment, how each solution is different and tailored to specific needs, and technical knowledge that needs to be applied throughout the consultancy process. The next two weeks I then spent applying what I learnt by doing exercises, set by members of the consultancy team, which were usually tasks in previous projects. I received in depth feedback of what I had done well and places that I could improve.

In the past month I have been taking a more active role in current projects. Working closely with the team I have looked at how heat transfers in and out of a building or room, depending on the walls material, location and orientation. Having calculated how much heat is generated and the power needed for the IT in a room, I then looked at then the size of the UPS and cooling units required, comparing multiple units from different manufacturers. My next project was running a series of tests required to verify redundancy within a critical environment and carrying out pressure loss calculations. Most recently I assisted with a live UPS install on site.

Over the first two months I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Keysource, I have been involved in projects within a small friendly team and felt welcomed by everyone here. Everyone here is willing to help, offering support and advice. I am looking forward to getting further involved with more projects, taking a more prominent role.

I would strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone, as an industry that I wasn’t previously familiar with it is great company to get involved with. They support you wherever it is possible and offer the chance for you to explore areas you are more interested in.

Garth joined us as part of our University outreach program. If you are a current student and would like to know more about our placement opportunities email

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Written by Garth