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Is it possible to future proof a Data Centre?

Nov 24, 2015 3:24:39 PM

At Keysource we believe it is very important for our customers to have a long-term strategy for IT that will support their critical applications and services in the future. Indeed, future proofing is a key focus for our services, as we know how important it is for investments to have longevity and not to become costly mistakes in the future.

In our experience there is certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to developing a strategy that meets both an organisation’s business and technical needs. This is because applications can reside on-premise, in a colocation facility, in the public cloud or be managed in a private cloud. There are a number of factors that influence these choices including cost, speed and type of application, availability, security as well as data sovereignty. We believe that customers need to think carefully about how their applications and IT systems are structured and we help them through those options. With technology and business agility changing at a rapid rate, the cost of getting it wrong can make a significant impact upon a business.

To provide world-class class consultancy and solutions for the full stack we work collaboratively with our customers bringing in partners who have the same values and approach as Keysource. Our role is to underpin the applications with the best services and data centre infrastructure that are aligned with the business needs in terms of resilience, performance, and capacity.

As part of our consultative approach, we also work with our customers to address future needs and this means offering scalable solutions. With these modular designs, we can keep the upfront investment to a minimum but allow for future growth in line with business needs.  Where delivering data centre solutions and infrastructure we concentrate on providing a consistent and reliable solution to the whole business irrespective of where applications are running.

We also understand that it is particularly important that, in environments where business critical information is being managed, CIOs have the right information available that gives relevant insight, so that important decisions can be reached quickly and planning can be made for the long term. We provide tools such as data centre infrastructure management software and intelligent BMS solutions, with the widest interoperability, so that CIOs can see what is happening across all of the IT from applications through to the data centre infrastructure. We also offer training and support over the life cycle of the data centre so that customers can continue to optimise their infrastructure and easily upgrade and integrate new technology as needed. Our aim is to help our customers add value to their service while also making savings in both time and money through the lifecycle of their facilities.

In conclusion, at Keysource we are focused on our customers and their specific business needs. This means we can deliver the right advice and solutions wherever applications need to reside.

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Laurence Baker

Written by Laurence Baker

As Group Marketing Manager for Extentia, Laurence is responsible for the Groups MarComms function, both in UK and internationally. Translating the business objectives into both a longer-term strategy and an annual tactical plan, Laurence manages the delivery of all our marketing activities.