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Keysource completes data centre audit for major International Airport

Sep 21, 2018 11:18:56 AM

Keysource’s team of critical environment specialists have completed a strategic data centre audit for a major UK airport.

The international transport hub is one of the busiest in the world, handling more than 78 million passengers annually. Following a period of significant change, and in order to meet future expansion plans, the hub commissioned Keysource to ensure its data centre infrastructure was fit for purpose and secure for the future.

Working with the airport’s technology consultancy partner, our team carried out a needs analysis in order to identify facility requirements and its future roadmap, following this Keysource completed a detailed assessment of the airport’s data centre infrastructure establishing design capacity and design level along with a gap analysis against requirements with risk implications and clear options to remediate. We also advised on the improvement and safeguarding of business-critical functions, which include the testing of new IT systems before these were launched in the airport.

We’re now implementing our recommendations against industry best practice including EN56001& EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, whilst ensuring continuity of service.

The project is further evidence of the growing demand for audits as businesses develop their IT transformation strategies and look to reduce risk in their data estates.

Richard Clifford, data centre consultant and head of innovation at Keysource, said:

“Transportation hubs like airports have stringent data centres requirements since these play a crucial role not only in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, but complying with strict regulation around the handling and storage of data. Businesses across the board are increasingly utilising these strategic audits as they look to reduce risk and cost in their data centres, as well as enhance their productivity and efficiency.

“This is an area of consultancy in which Keysource is playing a leading role and it continues to provide a strong pipeline of new business work for our business.”

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