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Keysource to present at University of Bath

Feb 12, 2019 10:54:05 AM

Data centres continue to be a growing industry. Our digital future and the ongoing significant increase and dependency, both globally and in the UK for digital technology, demonstrates that it is here to stay.

Data centres power the modern economy and underpin every aspect of digital living; business processes, government services and social interactions. The UK data centre sector is globally important and market leading, and what’s more, new skills and our future workforce underpins our future.

Last year Keysource launched their University Outreach Program, and as part of this Keysource are taking to the road and presenting at the University of Bath on Thursday 21st February.

We’ll be discussing all the latest challenges and trends facing the data centre industry, and how through complex M&E engineering solutions data centres are kept operational. We’ll also be highlighting why the next generation of engineers form a critical part of this.

Stephen Whatling, Managing Director at Keysource said:

"The data centre industry offers a unique and different challenge to engineers. A variety of choice and experiences can be made with excellent employment opportunities, job security, career and geographical mobility, with remuneration and choice to match."

At the end of the presentation there will also be a Q&A session that will allow graduates and students to ask questions and learn more about the industry.

Topics: Graduates, Universities, data centres, future workforce, Insight


Written by Keysource