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Keysource win critical facilities projects for Global Bank

Jun 21, 2019 10:04:42 AM

Protecting against disruption and potential downtime to IT equipment and staff is vital to any financial services business, but even more so when it’s one of the world’s largest.

We are working alongside a global bank to provide multimillion-pound critical environment upgrades to two of its key EMEA sites based within the UK, helping ensure that the uptime of the facilities is maintained.

The first part of the project saw us replace two end of life 1.5 MW critical power UPS systems in London with new state-of-the-art infrastructure. These systems protect day to day operations, including its international trading floor, against interruptions including power outages. Its busy operations meant that the work was required to be carried out within a live environment within the bank’s Canary Wharf headquarters.

Our work also extends beyond IT systems to other critical facilities within the building. We are replacing critical cooling infrastructure and water tanks in the building supporting thousands of employees each day as well as designing and installing a replacement fire alarm system. The projects are designed to reduce the risk of any significant downtime – minimising financial and reputational risk – and the works are being delivered while the highly-secure building remains operational.

The third part of the project includes work to end-of-life critical infrastructure at a global data centre in the North of England, which supports IT applications across the bank’s network. This work enhances the efficiency of the site’s critical power infrastructure and includes the replacement of cooling towers, long distance fuel pipework and site access equipment with a rolling programme to avoid any disruption to the existing infrastructure or data centre estate.

Maintaining systems that are always available to allow people to do their jobs, is key to any bank’s operations. Meanwhile the upkeep and performance of its data centre estate also lies at the heart of business performance. We are partnering with the bank throughout the whole project to ensure it is carried out to the highest standard and with as little disruption as possible.

The new critical facilities at the Canary Wharf and the northern sites will be fundamental in helping to drive efficiencies across the business, not only enabling its staff to operate with maximum productivity, but also helping us to reduce its carbon footprint.

Oliver Goodman, head of projects at Keysource, said: “By tapping into Keysource’s knowledge and experience of critical environments and financial services industries, these projects will offer the bank real estate assets it can rely on for years to come.

“The new infrastructures are designed with efficiency and resilience at their cores. The works will protect business operations in the future through improved up-time and a proactive approach to future proofing the works. And, our knowledge of working in live environments means we can carry out the projects without any disruption to staff or the bank’s customers.”

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Written by Keysource