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Transforming the University of Leicester's Real Estate Strategy

Aug 6, 2019 1:32:00 PM

Reductions in budgets, increasing overhead efficiencies, the squeeze on real estate and the drive for better utilisation are all challenges we are seeing becoming increasingly more common, not least of all within the public sector.

The Higher Education sector is currently going through a huge amount of digital transformation which is being driven by Internet of Things (IoT); student services; research led high performance computing and utilisation of real estate assets.

Understanding the need to continue innovating and delivering world class services within the same footprint, the University of Leicester asked Keysource to help them maximise the return from their real estate. Keysource were also asked to review the Universities IT infrastructure and strategy as part of the review to ensure it was fit for purpose and could meet future needs.

Following working groups that brought together key stakeholders from across the University, Keysource developed a number of options with costs; timescales and any associated risks highlighted. Having picked an option Keysource will continue working as the Universities key partner to ensure these are delivered with no disruption to ongoing student services.

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Laurence Baker

Written by Laurence Baker

As Group Marketing Manager for Extentia, Laurence is responsible for the Groups MarComms function, both in UK and internationally. Translating the business objectives into both a longer-term strategy and an annual tactical plan, Laurence manages the delivery of all our marketing activities.